Cheats to Wizard 101

Okay, I know you’ve probably been searching the whole internet to find some sort of Wizard 101 cheats. Am I right? Or am I wrong?
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Pet Cheats
Wizard Cheats
XP and Gold Cheats



1. How to get a cheap dragon

When you buy a dragon it’s like 800 isn’t it? Well to get it cheaper just change the color to all white, and it will be exactly 340 coins. If you ever want to change the color just go to the paint shop and have its colors changed.

2. How to get a cheap piggle

Usually piggles cost around 890 but to get them cheaper as to 309 just change all their colors to yellow.

3. Boss Pets

Dark Sprite : Lord NightShade or Bastilla in Firecat Alley
Blue Ghost : Genral Allikies
Blood Bat : The guy in the tomb of Begeular
Sprite : Alcine Swift Arrow
minutaur : That guy in Mooshu that is a brown Imp

4. How to Become a Pet (Glitch)

You must have a pet with you and a friend in the area you are in this may take a few tries but it works. First you have to be by any zeke then, teleport to your friend then very fast press x on your key board and look at his items next you exit out of zekes items and you are your pet! Remember this may take a few tries to work, but it does.

5. How to get a pet Cyclops

First you have to be a Myth wizard and be able to go to Krokotopia. At around level 22 you’ll get a quest from Cyrus Drake. He tells you to go to Krokotopia and find out about the Death Pixies from Zan’ne the librarian. Zan’ne tells you where the Death Pixies are, and you’re supposed to go to the door where the Death Pixies are. There are 3 Death Pixies you have to defeat. The Death Pixies are Life-type and have 435 life each, so it’s handy to have Death-type treasure cards. And after you defeat them you go talk to Cyrus Drake and he tells you to go to Cyclops Lane to go talk to a Cyclops. After you talk to the Cyclops he’ll give you a chant then you go back to Cyrus Drake and repeat the chant to him and he’ll give you the Cyclops Minion Spell. My name is James Firerider I am a level 30 Conjurer and I’m probably gonna be somewhere in Marleybone or Moo Shu.

6. How to get minions

You should start out as a myth wizard. Then you keep doing quests until merle ambrose gives you a certain quest. On your quest it will show you that you will get a card as a reward. Then you will be rewarded a minion that fights for you. Around level ten you will get a troll minion. Thats all i know now. Please leave a comment.

7. Pick your Wizard Type

Instead of taking the test when you first download it press skip, and then you will be able to pick the school of whom you choose.

8. Invisible Glitch

First click on a buddy of yours. Then click “go to location”, then “yes”, then click “trade” REALLY fast, then click “cancel” and you are either invisible oryou are your pet. It only lasts for a little while, though, and it times out quicker if you enter a battle, port somewhere, or go to a different place.

9. How to trun invisible the real way

Teleport and before you get sparks around you start moving. You will be invisible for 1-20 seconds (Depends on how fast your computer loads.)then teleport.Works i cross my heart!
~Not worte by me

10. Storm Wizards and Fizzaling

If you are a diviner (a storm wizard) you are most likely to fizzal more than anyone else, so I being a diviner my self figured out how to avoid fizzaling. This workes for any shcool not just storm wizards, all you have to do is aim for the place where the light sorunding them starts to weeken.

11. Good Strategy

If you are in death school, and each time you gain a training point always train for storm school because they have the better combos.

12. Face the Wrong way in a Battle

If you enter a battle someone else is already in and you’re just waiting for your turn to come, a cool glitch to do is, rotate your character by holding down the right click. When it’s your turn you’ll be facing the wrong direction!

13. Walking Through Walls

On Firecat Alley, Open up your friends menu. Then talk to Shellus Gruffheart. Then , quickly teleport to an online friend. Then, trade with that friend quickly.Then go to triton avenue,and kill 20 ghost things. You will here a slight sound, then you will be able to walk throughwalls.

14. On the Blue Circle

Submitted by: Wizard master

First put at trap on your opponent. Then, when you attack press the up arrow key of the opposite of the movement the opponent makes when hit. When they attack you press the down key and the opposite of the movement you make.

15. Easy Gold

A good to earn money fast is to battle the harvest lord avout 3-5 times. Once you’ve battled him 3-5 times I’m sure you would have got some stuff from him. So sell it in the Shopping District.

16. Level Up

The best way to gain xp is to do quests, but if you don’t pay you could run out of them pretty soon. So if you’re not a member just keep battling all the bosses until you get to a level where there is another quest. I would strongly suggest the Kraken or the Harvest Lord.

17. How to get money and a bunch of mana

Play the arcade game on Wizard101(Doodle Doug Regular) and at the end of a level if you have any bombs left wait untill the time is out after the level then press the space bar rapidly and then your score will go up so you get more stuff. It works for every level on the game

18. How to get lots of xp and gold

Submited by AJ

Gold: Go To Any Instance Level And Make Sure You Arrive At A Boss. Get Into Battle And Tell A Couple Friends To Port. Instead Of There Being Four Guys Because You Entered At The Same Time, Make Sure Your In Battle Before They Teleport. After This, Beat The Boss As Many Times As Desired. To Finish It Off, Once You Complete The Determined Boss Defeats, Sell The Dropped Items.

19. How to level up easy

If you want to level up easy, you must have a friend that is at least In Mooshu (Fourth World) and have Completed Crimson fields. Have you friend enter first, port to him, finish the quests, depending on your level, i guantee at least 1-12 levels. if your a one when you do it, youll beabout a 12 if not higher.

20. Gathering Money after subscription is over

If your a member and your subscribe is over here what you do. If your up to the point to where you can go in Lord NightShade tower this is good because you know how to beat him already. Just go in by yourself or with 3-4 people (make sure they are 10 or over depending on if youra healer or not) beat him and you will get 30-90 money and the items you get from him just sell it and keep on doing this. I got from 300 to 964 in two battles and got his attacking treasure card of him and most of the items I got were good money to sell them.

21. 1 time fast level up

This has to be a just started character to work. During the game tutorial. when you are told to go into the golem tower Ambrose will tell you to walk up to the two dragons wait before you do any thing press the (end) key you will teleport to the commons you wont accurately see your mana untill you go through doors. You will level up very fast the first battle you do will have Ambrose’s voice say the firstpart of the tutorial. (it scared me) when you log off it will go to normal though. I hope you try this glitch. The inventor was the ice student.


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